The village of Pteri is located about 28 kilometres to the northeast of Kyparissia and about 10 kilometres northwest of Sidirokastro. It has an altitude of 621 meters. The village, which is built on a plateau in the north Slope of Mt .petraloni, one of the mountains of the nomiaMountain, has a long history that follows the general history of trifilia. Its foundation dates from 1715 to 1750 and the village was originally named Theslaves, name derived from the surname of the first settler, called municipality Slave.

The Church of the village is the Holy Church of Agios Dimitrioswhich was built after 1700.

In the village, the Association of Psemis performs the revival of the custom of traditional threshing, which is held near the square of the village, where there are two wells and three traditional stone threshing floors.

From the plateau, in which the village is located, the spectator can gaze from one side the Ionian Sea and on the other the river of Neda.