Trifylia is a destination, an unexpectedly beautiful, diverse and interesting place, with so many aspects and exploration opportunities. The holy bath at the waterfalls of Neda, the sculpture of Sidirokastro, the beauty of Vanada, the mystique of the entrance of the domed tomb at Peristeria and the small ravine with same name. The scenic Arcadia the proud beauty of Mali, the temple of Christianoupoli, the charm of Gargalianoi and the uniqueness of Filiatra, the exceptional attraction of the south island Proti. Countless beaches, turquoise waters, wild vegetation everywhere and always. And the key ‘’ingredient’’ that encompasses all of the above, is the generous hospitality of the locals, their zest to show everything their humble, but rare, villages have to offer, their smile, their honest treats, their ancient Greek send -off as you depart for another place.



Sites of interest


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