About us

A new era of hospitality

All around the world, people talk about hospitality and services that correspond to the ‘’value for money’’rule. This rule maybe the safest one, however it only has to do with the newcomers in the global turism industry. Everything is different here in Messinia.

It has now become clear that services cannot be weighted. The rationale of ‘’how much did you pay, so that we can see what you will get’’ has been outdated for a long time in Messinia. You see, our infrastructures have reached such a high level, that all visitors enjoy highest quality vacations. In addition, as a locale, Messinia is gifted with a history that is still alive, nature is pure, and the environment is safe with sunny days and nights full of magic.

In Messinia, during the past few years we have made investments of a different type. We invest in people and in the development of skills for people who work in the tourism sector. It is extremely important to discover the talent of each person and to place them in the visitor’s service. The investment is both difficult and valuable because the aim here is to show the love and the passion that everyone hides inside. All people, without exceptions, are overwheimed by feelings, positive energy and bring extraordinary results when they do what hey do with love and passion. Thisway, everything is better.

Through the adaption of the rationale of ‘’from people – to people’’, each position is sarved by executives – specialists in their kind: From the waiter who loves to communicate to the director who feels the pulse of the business. From the maid who takes care of housekeeping like a mother for her children to the passionate cook who wants his dishes to overflow with tastes.

Everyone plays a role that suits them and all together they create an orchestra for the most hospitable song.

The Association of Hoteliers &Self Catering accommodations of Trifylia, invites you to discover a new era of hospitality. This is the era of people. Because a white marble floor will never shine more than the sincere smile of the person who will welcome you.