About us

Ushering in a New Era of Hospitality

Here in the Prefecture of Messenia, in the Township of Trifylia, we believe in a new era of hospitality. Across the world there is a great deal of talk about hospitality and services that adhere to the concept of value for money. While this rule does apply, especially to newcomers in the international tourism industry, in Messenia we do things differently.

Today it is clear that services are no longer simply entered into the scale. The concept of services providing a return on investment now seems out of date. Our infrastructure standards have reached a record high, and guests currently enjoy holidays of superior quality. Furthermore, Messenia is a land gifted with a long history that remains spectacularly alive. Its nature is pristine, its environment, safe, its days, sun-kissed, and its nights, full of magic.

In Messenia these past few years, we’ve been getting our money’s worth by investing diversely. We invest in the people of the tourism sector and the enhancement of the skills that they possess. It is crucial to discover each person’s talents and to place these at the service of travellers. This effort is as difficult as it is valuable, the goal being to cultivate the love and passion hidden inside every person. It is easy to be bursting with positive energy and to drive results when you’re doing a job you love and feel passion for.

By adopting the motto “by people, for people”, each position is increasingly held by staff who are specialised in their field. Starting with the waiter who is a gifted communicator all the way to the director feeling the pulse of  is business. From the chamber maid who meticulously indulges her guests to the passionate chef who makes sure his dishes are bursting with flavour.

To each his instrument. Together we can form an orchestra and play the most welcoming melody.

The Union of Hoteliers and Owners of Tourist Accommodations of Trifylia – Messenia invites you to discover a new era of hospitality: welcome to the age of the people.

Because a bright white marble floor could never shine as bright as an honest smile from the person welcoming you.


With its impressive roster of accommodations, Trifylia has something for every whim and specification. Following this approach of flexibility and
variety of choices, guests may indulge in the luxury and extravagance of a five-star resort or relax at a small family business of rooms for rent.
Each of these encompasses chapters of local history, popular tradition, Ancient Greek myths, all wrapped in discrete luxury.