In “Kontovounia” and at an altitude of 980 meters is the beautiful stone village of Malis, with its few present inhabitants, breeders in the main occupation. Literally tucked into an unseen dent in the shadow of St. Agios Konstantinos. During the revolution of the Greeks in 1821, the mountain dwellers of the region, “Arkadioi”, always on the side of the old man of Moria, Kolokotronis, were the fear and terror of the Turks.

Going up the rugged road from Kerasoula you will find yourself in front of the imposing mountainous volume of Mt. Egaleo, with almost always fog on its mountaintops and koufogerakines (birds) to make spectacular cycles, reminding the visitor with the hoarse voice them that this is their home. Reaching the top of the mountain you will see a wonderful basin in the shape of a pyramid and in the background the village. Strolling through the beautiful paths, the visitor will see herds free from goats, sheep and cows with small calves grazing in the rich fodder of the region. Moving towards the heart of the beautiful forest you will see herds of small and large semi-wild pigs looking for acorns. Continuing the road South you will meet the farm of Stasinou Chronopoulos, an excellent man, breeder, a poet who is the only one who maintains his farm (goat, calves, pigs) permanently, winter summer. He, with kindness, will host you and guide you through the most esoteric paths of the mountain.

November is the month where the walker will make dreamy journeys and will encounter colors of nature where he will always remember.