Christianoupoli, Christianoi, Christianou The first tow names are the most common for this pretty, green village with the extremely hospitable inhabitants. So in any case, it is certain that when you visit this small and modest village, you’ll be surprised looking at the size of this superbly restored church, MetamorphosiSotiros, definitely one of the largest Byzantine churches in Greece, which will remind you the churches of Monemvasia.Christianoupolis is full of surprises… Under the village, at Dopoli location, there is the new dam. A huge modern structure, encompassing the latest constraction techniques (an axially symmetric dam with a rotating rock-fill). It is 246 meter long on the gigantic bridge rising 55 meters above its foundations. Back to the village, close to the old school and the small building of the Dimitropoulios Library, at Kefalari or Kefalobryso or Vryses, a few tables in front of abundant running waters, six successive springs, ducks, smooth lighting, a cute wooden bridge and the lush forest around, create the perfect scene for all the visitors wanting to get some rest after their pilgrimage at Metamorfosi Sotiros.