Wild life protection

The «Wild Life Protection and Rehabilitation Center» – W.L.P.R.C. – is an Association for the Protection, Study, Care and Reintegration of Wildlife and the Conservation of Biodiversity.
It was established in December 2014 and its purpose is to contribute (a) to the protection and conservation of wildlife, (b) to the care and rehabilitation of injured and unable wildlife species, (c) to the protection and conservation of biodiversity and (d) in the protection of citizens from zoonoses.

W.L.P.R.C. every year receives up to 600 cases of emergencies of wild animals from all over the Peloponnese and beyond. It holds a reintegration rate of 62 to 66 percent, the higher in Greece, which practically means that out of 10 admissions, approximately 6 will successfully return to the wild.

Today in its premises it permanently hosts 280 animals: mammals, birds and reptiles. Each animal in its own enclosure, adapted to the requirements imposed by its physical condition and the specified needs of its species. The needs for food, medicine, pharmaceutical products and construction materials are constant and great.

W.L.P.R.C. is visitable. Α prerequisite to contact us for an appointment.

Contact info:
Pyrgos Trifylias, 24400, Messinia
Τel. 00302763041446 – 00306985620111 (24/7)
Email: keppazgr@gmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/keppazg