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Produce of the Land in Plentiful Supply

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Trifylia is one vast fertile plain, known for the superior quality of its extra-virgin olive oil of the “Koroneiki” olive variety. It is gifted with an aroma of fresh fruit, a yellowish-green colour and fruity flavour. Olive oil extraction takes place at local olive presses, which combine state-of-the-art technology with a penchant for tradition. There is perhaps nothing more mouth-watering than drizzling freshly pressed olive oil on warm bread. Make sure you have your wine tumbler ready as a chaser! From one of our local wineries, of course… Your taste buds will thank you.

Produce of the Land in Plentiful Supply

Award-winning wines, honey, olives, watermelons, oranges, tomatoes, potatoes, string beans, zucchini… to name but a few! On Saturdays local farmers sell their fresh fruits and vegetables, along with other homegrown goodies at the farmers’ markets in various towns of our prefecture. Also worth a visit is the open-air market at Kopanaki – a Sunday tradition. Once you’ve done your shopping, hang around for a drink or an early lunch at one of the local cafés.

If your travels take you to the seaside, choose a local taverna for some fresh fish, octopus, calamari and a glass of ouzo. Do as the locals do! You won’t want to leave. If you find yourself in a lush, green mountainous area, opt for some meat and wine instead. Order some grilled lamb chops or wild boar – you’ll thank me later!

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