Gialova lagoon

The wetland of Gialova is located on Divariou Beach. It is a huge lagoon where many species of migratory birds find refuge.

Spring is the era of wetland, when birds migrate from Africa to Europe. Gialova is the first great station of rest and finding food on their long journey.

Here they stop herons, fish eagles, palms, calamocanades, abocets, Scalders, Snipe, pickles, trygges, gulls, cuckoo, turtledoves and many other species.

Stand and enjoy their serenity and beauty. They will enchant you with their strange silhouettes, with their towering legs, their long and outlandish beaks, their slender and lygistoys necks. They will overwhelm you with their slow dance moves and lure you to their rhythm.

It is important for their survival to respect the quietness and cleanliness of the area here in the area of the wetland of Gialova lives hidden in the vegetation another strange species the African chameleon that changes color according to his mood.