Upper Engelianos vaulted tomb

Near the palace of AnoEngelianos is the largest unburned Mycenaean tholos tomb of the region. It was built around 1550-1500 B.C. and was used throughout the 15th century, perhaps until the 13th century B.C. it was a family tomb and it is estimated that it has accepted at least 17 burials. Despite being arrested in antiquity, it contains ceramics and precious small objects. Some of them are exhibited in the Archaeological Museum of Chora, while most are found in the National Archaeological Museum of Athens.
Among them distinguish four gold plates in the form of centuries and gold seal with a griffin representation, a symbol of royal power. The presence of hegemonic vaulted graves in the area of Egkianos proves that around 1500 B.C. The hill was a large Residential centre with extensive territory.

The tomb was investigated in 1953 and its fallen dome was restored in 1957 by the Greek Archaeological service.