The center of Kyparissia is characterized by an even and bustling everyday life, with out the stress of Athens, assisted by an extraordinary street plan, so welcome, that it is very difficult to get lost in your search of everything you desire. New people, activity, energy, fun and relaxation. Coffee shops, bars, restaurants, taverns and patisseries. Businesses extending from the Old City and Kyparissia’s center, up to the port and the beach. Neoclassic houses or imposing stone-built mansions with exposed stonework and hewed stones. Most of them are in good shape and are framed either by attractive shops, coffe places and restaurants, or by modern apartment buildings which our lower than four-storey high. Kyparissia’s market is a pleasant surprise, as it offers everything to the local and foreign consumers. After having enjoyed a stroll in Kyparissia’s center, tasted the local cuisine, savoring delicious sweets and looking at the windows of the shops, a mere three or four minute drive on the uphill street of 25thMartiou, are enough to transfer your gaze back in the past, centuries ago. If someone gets to know the old Kyparissia and its castle for the first time, the surprise that awaits him is very big. Cobbled paths blends, impressive building made of stone, traditional verandas and balconies. You will appreciate the sunset from the small scenic square of Arcadia, the square of the plane tree, looking at the Ionian sea. At the same square there are fine, new and tasteful restaurants. The castle is on the hill at the right of the square, at about 160 meters above the sea.