Sidirokastro is surrounded by rich vegetation, mainly to its left side, built amphitheatrically on two heights, ‘’Kastro’’ and ‘’Ai Lias’’. The village is bathed with light in the morning as it faces the glorious sunrise. Imposing two-storey and three-storey mansions with old century-old wooden verandas protruding proudly, everywhere signs of clubs and honorary plates for benefactors, indicating the dedication of all locals, young and old, to the preservation and flourish of the local culture heritage. But there is one more thing, unique and unexpectedlypretty, that attracts the traveler’s attention. For the first meters of entering the village, you see beautiful sculptures masterfully crafted and placed discretely in areas with ideal view. The culmination is a few hundred meters further down, the meeting with the ‘’Stairs of Civilization’’, a wide staircase that leads to the large church of Agios Nikolaos on the plateau to the right (built one hundred years ago on the post of an older ruined church), which is also filled with many types of sculptures with various themes (Greek revolution heroes, benefactor busts, naked statues, etc.). Everything that has been curved, created and exposed on each prominent position of the village’s main route, is a generous offer of the world known sculptor Kostas Georgakis, a local artist with at least fifty years of creative activity. At the village’s exit, you can see the renovated spring-pond built in 1817, as a visual conclusion of the tour at the great Sidirokastro.