For anyone who has lived close to the paths of Malis in the early and summer months, his memory is captured by the process that followed the milking of the sheep and the cheese factory. A variety of flavors and aromas. The fresh, sparkling milk, in the freshly-stained meters in a few hours and under the skillful hands and eyes of the cheese maker had taken its final form, cheese. Of course, the similar milk products were not missing – yogurt, ‘mytzithres’, butter.

Once, an old Kolmbaritsas, thrilled by the yogurt offered by his housewife and his good quality and apparently having other hidden pleasures in mind, coined the couplet by likening the yogurt: “like bread, like cheese, Like a girl’s boob, like a widow’s butt cheek! “


Because the outdoors these cheeses were far from the village, the temporary storage of products, in the absence of buildings, was done on the nearest large tree.

Picked one that had thick shade, built on it a wooden loft and placed there the cheese in barrels, until they gate or transport it later in the village.

For many, the cheese was transported immediately after coughing and straining. They used a wood in the shape of an arc, the Zyhari. They placed it on the shoulder, put one bag in the front and the other back and so they carried the green cheese and the  ‘mytzithres’ home.