Kalamaris and Stenosia

Kalamaris and Stenosia waterfalls are not as impressive as Neda or Polilimnio but thanks to their close proximity to the seaside town of Gialova they are perfect for a short trip after a day on the beach.

Kalamaris waterfall lies only about 3km away from Gialova and can be easily reached on foot. Kalamaris is probably the most “instagramable” of Messinia’s waterfalls! If you are willing to get wet you can swim to a piece of rock perfectly placed under the waterfall for that perfect (and totally uncomfortable) shot.

Stenosis waterfalls are a set of multiple charming waterfalls followed by a hiking trail running through a shaded gorge. The trail starts after a village of the same name and is easy to spot thanks to the signs at the side of the road.

Make sure to wear proper walking shoes, this is not a place for flip flops if you want to reach all the waterfalls!