Whatever time of year you happen to visit our region will most certainly coincide with a cultural event held by the Township of Trifylia or one of the local cultural associations. Not to be missed is the International Dance Festival of the Educational Association of Kyparissia as well as the Children’s Dance Meet in Gargalianoi. Moreover you can enjoy photography exhibits, concerts, theatre productions, sporting events, culinary festivals like the okra food fest at Armenioi, true to its reputation and always held on the Saturday preceding the first fifteen days of August, August 15th being the day of the Virgin Mary and an important holiday in Greece. Another food fare is Marathopoli’s sardine festival, usually held at the end of July. Kyparissia’s famous antiques fare at the beginning of August is a must. And to all interested parties, the village of Pteri even holds a revival of the traditional method of threshing.

Furthermore, each year on or around October 20th, Pylos holds a grand event: the re-enactment of the Battle of Navarino, which is the most significant sea battle ever to have taken place in Greece.


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