Head south up to the cemetery, following a sign located in the square of the village. From there, continuing west and following the small regional road that ends on the main road linking Gargalianoi and Filiatra, one and a half kilometer later, there is a rare complex of 12 successive caves, of various sizes, at both sides of the road. In the old days, almost all of these caves were used by area’s shepherds as pens, while two of them are still used by sepherds.

Undoubtedly, the most impressive is Nerospilia, located right under the Agios Georgios hill, both for its size and for the astonishing stalactite in its center, which drips water constantly. There is one more interesting cave, without a name, right down the road, with two entrances and a wonderful interior. From here, five hundred meters in the same direction, you meet an intersection with a dirt road to the left and a sign pointing the way to Valta’s waterfall. Further down, the accessible dirt road has a small cemented part (where the gradient is bigger), and then turns to its former state.

There on the dirt road again and another small intersection, you turn left and after about one hundred meters, you park your car and walk for fifty meters, along a nice olive grove, until you reach its end, at the point where the vegetation is wild. A short path starts here and ends at a beautiful waterfall, which if you want to fully enjoy, it is best to visit it in winter or Spring, when it’s filled with water…