Esperides Apartments

On the shoreline, among the vast sandy beaches of west Messinia and the extensive valley of verdant olive groves, lie Esperides, independent holiday houses surrounded by a large yard, providing a peaceful and close to nature accommodation.

Like the nymphs in Greek mythology they are named after, Esperides apartments overlooking the Ionian Sea and the islet Proti are immersed in the dazzling light of Greece, and with their colorful concept delightfully invite you to relax.

For us less is more, and this is expressed by the earthy colors and the simplicity that allow you to appreciate the surroundings and soak up the authenticity of the area.

Wake up listening to the sound of the ocean and rest with the sound of the waves, read a book on a hammock, enjoy the magnificent sunsets or hop on a mountain bike and visit the nearby hills and ruined villages; whatever you choose to do, the location is unique, a charming hideout.

It is situated in a sparsely inhabited area, near the fisherman’s village Marathopolis, in the province of Trifylia. Amid historical and cultural sites, picturesque villages on the mountains and by the seaside, this neighborhood is convenient for explorations, traveling and participating in ecotourism activities, such us hiking, surfing, scuba diving and birdwatching.


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