At the natural border between the Prefectures of Messenia and Ilia, flowing into Kyparissia Bay and creating along its path a unique kaleidoscope of ravines, plains, waterfalls and caves is the River Neda. The gorge of Neda, which the river calls home, is a unique and up until recently unexplored miracle of Greek nature. Thanks to its ever-changing land- and waterscape, rich flora, gigantic river stones in crystal-clear water and imposing boulders, its crossing is challenging yet enjoyable for visitors. The gorge can be traversed during the summer and autumn months, surrounded by the beauty of olive groves, fig trees, maple trees, wild oaks and holly. At various spots along the way are three waterfalls, at the foot of which are pools of gorgeous, fresh water. Neda attracts tourists, hiking associations and walking groups alike.

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