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The Gorge, with stalactites, is situated 8 km north-east of the city of Kyparissia and just 3 km north-east of the village of Raches. The path that leads to the gorge begins at the north side of the archaeological area of Peristerias. Walkig for about 20-25 minutes. At the junction, the sign indicates that the road to the ravine is to the left. The initial upward gradient turns to a descent which ends at a landscaped area with a bridge, stone walls and a spring. This is the ravine’s starting point and although it is just a few dozen meter long, it is very impressive both in terms of beauty and as a sight. Its entrance, as well as most of its inside walls, are so narrow that you can touch simultaneously both side walls by just opening your arms. The river’s bank is flat and sandy, while the water is quite cold but its level is low (so wear the appropriate clothes and be prepared). Next, there is a cavernous L- shaped space, 11 meters long, with an impressive stalactite décor and fine acoustic. From there the Arcadian River (or Peristeria) gradually deepens and reaches up to the chest, while a narrow meander leads to a beautiful 8 meter high waterfall and to a small pond. For the bold, the climb behind the waterfall leads to the upper part of the ravine.