If you happen to be an adrenaline junkie, then Trifylia and the greater Prefecture of Messenia have plenty to offer you. Once you’ve decided on your desired level of difficulty, you’ll be in good hands with the many experts who offer their venturesome services in the region.

Hit Mati Beach for wind- and kitesurfing. Whether you decide to surf, stand-up paddle or let your kite be your guide, if you are an experienced athlete you can be sure to enjoy breakneck speeds.

Lagouvardos Beach is a word-renowned surfer’s paradise. If you don’t have your own equipment, during the summer months you can rent some on the spot and even hire a teacher to show you the ropes. Have fun riding the waves!

At Kyparissia’s Aï-Lagoudis Beach, don’t miss out on beach tennis and soccer right on the sand.

Try sea kayaking from Marathopoli to the natural breakwater that is Proti Island right across the village, or inside Navarino Bay from Golden Coast Divari Beach to Sphakteria Island. A fantastic adventure for families, couples or friends – no previous experience necessary.

If you have your own leisure boat, starting from the marina at Kyparissia or the fishing port of Marathopoli, you can take on the Ionian Sea towards your choice of islands: Proti, Strophades, Sapientza, Schiza, Sphakteria… You’ll have their beaches all to yourself. But even if you don’t have your captain’s licence just yet, don’t fret! You can book an excursion with a licenced captain in situ. Starting in May and going all the way to October the local weather is perfectly suited for boating, and our waters are quite safe.

And if our turquoise waters seem beautiful on the surface, wait till you get a load of what’s underneath. If you enjoy snorkelling  or scuba diving, you’ll love the underwater paradise that is Proti Island. The depths are colourful and unique, as is the biodiversity of the Ionian Sea. The extremely accessible WWII shipwreck at Vourlia Cove could star in its own movie! Local scuba diving/snorkelling centres and boating companies will gladly guide you on the underwater trip of a lifetime!

If you’re looking for something more down-to-earth, green and full of oxygen, head towards the village of Mali. And if you happen to come across local Stasinos, he will gladly be your guide and tell you tales of local livestock farmers and their cheese-making traditions.

We suggest that you make sure to check the following off your to-do list before leaving our region: walk-hike in the River Neda, the Arcadian river with the double-arched bridge, cross the gorge of Peristeria, visit Polylimnio, the waterfall at Valta but also the fairy-tale waterfall at Kalamari outside Gialova.

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